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Fake Taxi - Ella - Hot Redhead Lesbian Misses Cock - E211

Duration: 25:21

Watch British Girl Ella aka Ella Hughes, Jemima - Hot Redhead Lesbian Misses Cock E211 porn video from FakeTaxi.com

It's not everyday I get a hot red head in the cab, and especially a lesbian red head this was a challenge that I was more than willing to except. She was on her way to her girlfriends house when I asked her how long has it been since has has had cock, her reply was years ago! How can any woman go years without a good cock fucking, and she did admit that she does miss it so I offered my services and she was interested. There must be something in the water all my customers lately have been well up for a good fucking, but I'm not complaining I can't wait to dive into her hairy ginger pussy.

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