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TheLifeErotic - Marilyn Sugar - The Big Surprise 2

Stunning tattooed platinum blonde Marilyn Sugar receives an invitation to "the greatest party ever" and is told to bring a surprise. It’s the perfect excuse for some horny fun – not that the sexy Czech ever needs one! Dressed in a cute bra top and stocking-print pantyhose, she flips up her short skater skirt to reveal a harness thong with a huge jelly dildo. The toy is shoved to one side inside of her hose, to keep it a secret. But now, Marilyn is too horny to leave her apartment. With inked, manicured fingers, she unzips her top to expose beautiful natural breasts. Shoving her globes together, she spits on her cleavage, then gives them a kinky slap. Slowly, Marilyn eases down her pantyhose and the dildo pops free, jutting up and juddering from her crotch. Sitting down, she starts to jack it, wetting it with drool, then sets it aside as she strips naked. She sticks the sucker base to the floor and squats next to it, grinding her shaved pussy against the ridged shaft. Then she guides it inside of her and rides it hard. She gasps and cries out as the toy plows her deep, fingers working on her clit. She humps it rhythmically, until she’s on the brink of orgasm. Next, she sits on her haunches and, caught in close-up, the transparent girth allows a stunning view of her snatch stretched wide around it. She lies back, tasting herself off of the dildo, then uses her hand to screw her slit and hole. It only takes a couple more minutes before she reaches the point of no return, fingertips circling her clit as she reaches around from the back. Crying out, she cums, with her entire nude body going into spasm as she surrenders to the ultimate pleasure. Then she lies back, lapping her cream off of the dildo, in no hurry to head to the party…

Featuring: Marilyn Sugar
Date: 2022.06.16

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