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TheLifeErotic - Antonia Sainz - Liquid Gold 2

Kinky Czech brunette Antonia Sainz is prepping for some extreme solo pee play. Wearing a black minidress, fishnet stockings, garters, and orange spike heels, she struts onto a PVC floor-sheet carrying a large pail. Half-squatting, she straddles the container and splays her open-crotch thong and shaved pussy-lips. Then, with near-perfect aim, she squirts a jet of pee into it. Antonia fetches a big glass jar and decants the clear, golden liquid into it – there’s a surprising quantity. She dips her hand in the pee, watches it trickle through her manicured fingers, then tastes it off of them. Seductively, she strips to reveal perfect large breasts. Bending forward to flaunt her asshole she removes her thong, then submerges it in the jar until it is drenched. She squeezes it out over her tits and trimmed landing strip, then rubs it on her snatch. Another dunk reloads it, then she slurps out the liquid, before drooling it over her naked tits. She rubs more pee on her globes and nipples and drizzles some in her mouth. With dripping-wet digits, Antonia begins to masturbate, spread-eagled on her dining table. Her snatch is juiced up, too, squelching as she fingerbangs it. She strums her clit – her entire body rocks and shudders, and the pee sloshes around in the jar. Squatting low on the PVC sheet, Antonia raises the jar and pours pee directly over her tits and belly. Next, she kicks off her pumps, dips a stockinged foot in the honey-colored liquid, then sucks and licks her toes. She slathers her pussy with more pee then frigs herself to orgasm, squirming in ecstasy and screaming out loud as her palm slaps wetly against her thighs, cheeks and pussy. Naturally, she squirts as she cums, releasing another golden shower on the floor, before pouring even more pee from the jar over her tongue and body as the movie ends.

Featuring: Antonia Sainz
Date: 2022.07.10

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